50% 50%

Ruderalis x Amnesia

50/100 cm

100/130 cm

THC=18% CBD=0,4%

350-400 gr

70/120 gr/plnt

8/10 Weeks

10/12 Weeks

Exciting / Intense

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With strong presence, high production and high levels of Thc get this result by cultivating a superior pleasure delight . Effects very active for her and for him retardants.

It contributes to the development of the body’s ability to raise the feelings and perceptions to states of great pleasure. Great capacity for both arousing a special increase male potency and prolonged female consumers desire. Summun is shown to release great eroticism and high quality in the final result, leading the lovers to enhance the quantity and quality of their relationships and Shiva Shakti becoming more frequent.

Sex workers are in this range unsurpassed ally for their long workdays due to the significant increase lubrication and erection generating capacity.

High performance in all its forms, both the plant and its cannabinoids cannabic you will raise your pleasure.

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